Thursday, 14 August 2014

Book Review

There was once a girl who was named Rosalina and she  loved to play on the rocks that blocked the sea. But then one day there was a big storm, but still Rosalina went on the rocks and then suddenly…

The rocks fell and Rosalina fell in with them! She was in the sea! Then Rosalina woke up she was still alive after fifteen minutes! Guess what she could breath underwater!

So her first thought was I want to get to the surface, so she was swimming her way up to the top when she thought but what if I can’t breath in the air , She thought that because she could now breathe underwater so now she might not be able to do what she could do when she was on the surface.

So off she went under the sea, then she saw a cave so she went in it to see what was inside. When she knocked on the cave to see if anyone was home, nobody came, so she went in herself.

She gazed at the walls that was filled with gems and wonderful paintings as well. But then she heard something and it was coming from further down the cave, she tried to see what or who it was but a whole bunch of black, inky type of stuff was in her way.

So she got a painting off the wall and swished it away, and then she could see what it was an OCTOPUS!  As fast as she could she swam away but the octopus quickly grabbed her by the top of her collar and pulled her in!

Then finally the octopus said  something, she said in a sweet and kind voice ‘Hi my name is Carly what’s yours?”  Then Rosalena replied ‘o-o-o-o-h  m-my n-name i-is R-Rosalena.’

So after they had gotten to know each other they started playing tag with each other. But then Rosalina was way too high up the top of the water and her mouth by accident and took a breath!

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