Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Dragon Who Ate Room 8

Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived in the center of the Earth. The dragon was hungry so he decided to go to the Earth's surface to eat and collect some people for his master. When the dragon went up to earth he gulped up Room 8! Luckily no one was inside because it was lunchtime and Mr Tucker was on duty. 

When the bell rang we ran into nothing but air! So we asked Mr Tucker where it was but no one knew. Then I phoned the police and they came over and investigated. They saw footprints then they saw a tiny swirling hole. Inside were some colours. I can't tell you because there were some colours I didn't know!

The next morning I went to see the hole. It was as big as a DOOR! I quickly ran into the office and told them what's wrong. The police came and one accidentally dropped a school tennis ball in the hole. Then a burst of fire, lava and smoke exploded.  a dragon came up and said, “CURSE YOU!” Then he threw a house at us. It crashed into room 9A and it was labeled Room 8. Jonathan fainted when he saw the dragon. Some builders put Room 8 back and fixed it… And Room 9A of course!
By Ryan