Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Fairytale by Abbie

                           The Treehouse

Once upon a time there was a smart scientist, a not so smart scientist, a girl and a king.

The king loved his daughter and he played with her all the time.  But one day, while the king’s daughter was studying, the king had the most marvelous idea to build a treehouse  for his daughter and so he did.

He got the best wood in the castle and he got the smart scientist to make the door and the nails and he got the not so smart scientist to make the lock and to make the treehouse. But of course there had to be a problem. The not so smart scientist  built the treehouse around the king and the king forgot to make the handle. He was STUCK!!

It had been twenty minutes now and the king was getting hungry. He looked out the window and saw the reddest apple in reach. He put his hand out the window and grabbed it but then he dropped it. It made a huge bang and split Into lots of pieces.

A girl nearby with the most golden hair heard the bang and ran over to see what it was.  She saw the treehouse and then she saw the panicking king and rushed away.

A few minutes went by and the girl was back  again with three bears .  She told the king not to panic and the three bears used their sharp claws to make a hole in the treehouse so the king could climb out.

The next day the king made a rule that there wouldn’t be anymore treehouses in the castle.

       BY ABBIE                                             

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  1. WOW! Abbie what a amazing story

    By Morgan