Friday, 27 June 2014

The Prince and the Huge Tree House

Once upon a time a prince had a little puppy but he lost his puppy. He went searching for his puppy and he heard barks from a deep, dense forest near a castle. So he searched and then he found a huge tree house.  He heard barks from the tree house. He climbed up and he found his puppy. But suddenly, a big roar came from the distance.

The prince peered out to see what it was. It was a gigantic ugly ogre. The prince locked the door straight away but the ogre didn’t go away and he guarded the tree house. The prince was very hungry so and was his puppy. He saw a huge apple tree so he ran towards it. He saw lots of juicy apples so he tried to grab an apple but the key fell out of his pocket. The ogre saw the key and put it on a rock.

Back in the castle a smart scientist heard the news that the prince was missing. So the scientist went into the forest. He made a potion that made him look like a bee and made him fly. He flew everywhere searching for the prince. Then he came across a huge tree house and he saw an ogre guarding it. He flew through the window. He saw the prince and his puppy. The scientist turned back into himself but now they were all trapped inside.

Happily, the smart scientist had one more potion which he drank. He turned back into a bee and he could fly again as well. He went and got the key but he couldn’t open the door. He had to wait until the ogre was asleep. Then they all escaped. They built a brick wall at the side of the castle and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

By Prithika

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