Monday, 9 June 2014

Fairy Tale by Ranash

Once upon a time there lived a king, his children and a witch. The colourful castle was next to the witch’s dirty house.

One day the king said to his children, “I am going for a walk so be safe inside”. The king went for a walk and he saw the witch’s creepy house. He decided to peer in the window and he saw the witch. The witch turned him into a frog. AHHH!

The king’s children were waiting for the king but he didn’t return. But then they saw the frog. “Is that the frog? It must be,”they agreed. So they went to the witch’s house.

The children took their knives and chopped the witch in half. It was the end of the witch’s life. The king turned back to himself. Then they all lived happily ever.

By Ranash

Here are some pictures of the king and the witch. I hope you enjoyed this fairy tale.