Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fairy Tale by Ella

The Lost Key

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a King.  The King wanted to pick some fruit from a tree. So he sent for the royal builder to build a royal ladder and he decided he would climb the royal peach tree.

He grabbed the ladder. The King climbed up as high as he dared and got lots of royal peaches. He became so tired! So the King found a tree house from hundreds of years ago. The King went in the treehouse for a rest. He flopped on the floor and closed the door. The door locked on him! He didn’t realize at first but when he tried to open the treehouse door it was locked!

He screeched his unpleasant screeching and shouted his unpleasant shouts. As he was doing all this, 10 little pigs came strolling past. They heard the unpleasant screeching and woke the Ogre. The Ogre was unhappy because he was in the middle of a lovely dream about eating pigs. So he quickly did what they demanded.

He found the key in no time and told the pigs he would get the king out if the pigs gave him $1 from all of them. They agreed. So he climbed up the royal peach tree. Banged on the door so hard that it broke! The Ogre held the king and jumped out of the treehouse. He set the king free and looked for the pigs.

The king was so relieved he never ever went outside again just to be sure. And lived happily ever after. But the pigs didn’t! They ran away at the first chance when the ogre wasn’t looking.

The Ogre never got the money so he ate the 10 pigs in one huge gulp and he lived happily ever after. FOREVER!

By Ella

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