Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fairy Tale by Timothy

A Dangerous Fort

Once upon a time, a rich King was riding around a spooky Black Forest on his trusty horse. He was 100 long kilometers from his colossal castle, so he made sure his handsome son, The Prince, was guarding the castle with his awesome knights. He came across a rusty, dusty old lookout tower and wondered if and anyone was using it.

Just then, a hairy ogre shoved him in violently in the old fort and locked him in and threw the key far, far away. The King thought he was stuck there forever and ever. But then, he remembered his useful walkie-talkie in his tight belt.

He looked in his belt and there was his walkie-talkie, but no sword. So he radioed the prince and told him to get his brave knights and come to the Black Forest.

But when they got here they didn’t realise that the spooky fort was guarded by 16 rude ogres. They fought with shiny swords and the ogres fought with dangerous clubs.

After a while, they killed the hairy ogres and the knights bashed down the door. they freed the kind King and they all lived happily ever after, for all time! 


By Timothy

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