Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fairy Tale by Abbie

The Lost Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on the streets but dreamed of being a princess and to live in a beautiful castle.

Her nana always read her stories about a princess. One day when she was walking down to the shop she found a book.  She thought to pick it up and so she did.

She read the first page, ‘Once upon a time the was a house with all the food you could dream of’,’  but then a house appeared in front of her with lollies and chocolate and more delicious things.

So she read the second page, ‘‘There was a girl who had the most silky gowns’ and then she suddenly  had  the most shiny blue gown.  She said to herself, ‘ THIS BOOK IS MAGIC,’  and she ran home in excitement.

She found her nana sitting in a chair and the girl said, “Nana, the b b b book is m m m magic!”  She gave the book to her nana and her nana read. ”There was a pond in front of her.”  The girl waited with a smile but nothing happened.  Her nana read it again and again but still nothing happened.

“How come it is not working?” said the girl. Her nana said, "It was too good to be true.” But the girl did not believe her because she had done it before. So every night she read the book in her head because she knew that if she read it aloud it would come true.

But one night she came to a chapter about a princess she read it out loud and then suddenly she was a princess in a castle but the days went on and she was getting sick of being a princess, doing all the chores, having to look nice and having to do everything perfectly.

She wanted to be at home again and be herself again but then she heard banging and crashing and then, ‘Boom!’ she was back home with her nana. She threw the book away and loved being herself again.

by Abbie                                                                          




    said Matthew as he was walking along the street, and they all lived happily ever after :)
    Ha, Ha, Ha
    Great Fairy Tale Abbie :p

  2. That is like INKHEART the movie
    Keep it up