Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Cats by Prithika

Some cats are friendly, curious and shy and some cats are not. Many years ago cats were  worshiped. Some people say that cats have nine lives because they are very good at escaping. Most cats don’t like the water.

Cats Bodies

Some cats are fat and some are thin. Cats can make their claws extend and retract from their paws. Some cats don’t have tails but most cats have tails. Cats whiskers sense things. Cats fur keeps them warm. If cats have wet noses that means they are healthy.

What Cats do or Play

If cats roll over it means they want to play. Cats rub their fur on things to tell other cats that it is their territory. Wild cats hunt by themselves and cats who have owners don’t need to hunt all the time because their owners feed them. Some cats can climb trees and
some can climb other things. Cats drink water even though they don’t like to be in it. You may give cats a little bit of milk. Cats clean their body by licking.

Types of Cats

There are more than hundred types of cats. There are cats called tabby or turtleshell and most of the cats are domestic and some are wild and some cats are stray. Do you know that cheetahs, lions, tigers and jaguars are the only wild cats that could purr. I think that cats are the best animals to keep as a pet

By Prithika

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