Thursday, 5 June 2014

Goldilocks Says Sorry

Goldilocks: 5 Vile Bubblegum Lane
The 3 Bears: 9 Cosy Cottage, On The coast

To The 3 Bears

I am goldilocks, remember me? I’m the girl that came and was a pain in the butt! I am very sorry I jumped on your chairs and broke baby bear’s chair. Mum told me we had to go get a new one. She was very angry.

I am very sorry I had a taste of all your porridge and ate up all of little bears porridge. Dad told me that you guys could come over for a BBQ tomorrow night. Dad was very angry!

I am very sorry I crumpled all your sheets. Also sorry I tried your beds and messed up little bear’s with my muddy boots. Sorry I slept in it. Mum said I had to come over to yours and iron all your sheets and buy new bed covers for little bear. Also make your beds all nice. Mum was mad!

I am really very sorry


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